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LLL 3 | Making Extraordinary Music
  What triggers the mind of a brilliant artist to make music that is eerie, celestial and exquisite? For today’s episode, we interview the fabulously talented Elena Charbila, aka Kid Moxie. Elena is a musician and actress based in Los Angeles and Greece. She talks about making extraordinary music, her own kind of music, that encompasses cinematic experiences and the different cultures and personas that influenced her art. She also takes us back to the
LLL Dayvid | Indie Music Landscape
  Our guest is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter from San Diego. Having been writing for major artists since the age of seventeen, he has now started to gain momentum and success as a solo artist. He’s working with some top producers and is embracing what it truly means to be an Indie Artist. With a hot single, “Wasted Luv” out now and his debut EP “DAYVID” being received enthusiastically by critics and listeners around the world,
LLL 8 | Married To The Music
  Owen Thomas and Lily-May Young embody what For Love and Music is all about. Not only are they married to the music and work together as a highly successful songwriting production team, TY Songs, but they are also married to each other. Having met through mutual friends, their partnership began in London and finally settled in Los Angeles for the optimism, opportunities, and sunshine. Full of ambition, drive, and energy, Owen and Lily-May recollect
LLL Patrick | Making Music
  The Globe studios in Belgium is a place where magic happens and where ideas become great songs. In this podcast episode, host Tara Joseph talks with multi-award winning composer, arranger, and producer Patrick Hamilton about his journey to becoming a successful writer and producer and how the Globe came into existence. Having had great success in the pop world, particularly in Asia, as well as in the classical crossover world, Patrick shares the first
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