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  Music, often described as food for the soul, when paired with amazing visuals can provide the best stories in life. It is something that people can relate to without the barriers of race, language, distance, and time. The Head of Soundtrack and Score for Global Classics and Jazz and Globe UK of Universal Music, Holly Adams, talks about the series of experiences she went through that led to her current position. She talks about how
  Today Tara Joseph chats to trailblazing leader, innovator and producer, Russell Emanuel, CEO, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Bleedings Fingers Music.  They discuss how it all began, his creative process and his incredible partnership with the incomparable Hans Zimmer. From scoring iconic shows like The Simpsons to the BBC’S and Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II, Russell really is an all round mega talent and power house. Tune in to hear more! —
FLM Josh | Musical Theater
  When we pursue our dreams, we tend to make that move in our lives all for love. Someone who has done that for love and music is Josh Piterman, a well-established Australian musical theatre performer and classical crossover artist. In this episode, he joins host, Tara Joseph, to share with us his story—from starting his career and making his mark as Tony in the 2010 Australian production of West Side Story to now, where he
FLM Patrick | Journey To The Unknown
  Let the world stop for a moment as you enter a new beginning. In this episode, producer Patrick Hamilton joins Tara Joseph as he shares his story about becoming influential to other artists and his beautiful debut album, Journey to the Unknown. Patrick talks about the movie he sees passing by while playing his album and how the inspiration for the minimalist pieces was taken from good moments despite COVID and the lockdown. Get to know where
  What does positive leadership mean and what does a positive leadership coach do? Here to answer these questions with host Tara Joseph is Barbara Stone, a leader development coach and positive organizational strategist. Barbara shows us how music and therapy can come together to unlock people’s potential, bringing in positivity to their lives. Explaining Dr. Jeremy Hunter’s “four circles,” she also offers some advice to on how highly-stressed people can let words pass by.
  In this episode, Charlie Harding, co-host of Switched on Pop, sits down with Tara Joseph to talk about his globally recognized and highly respected music podcast and how they delve deep into the composition and creativity that goes into the creation of popular music. He discusses with us their humble beginnings, the moment they signed their life changing partnership with Vox.com, and everntually producing their own book. Charlie also taps into music education, what he
    There probably is no one who really understands the importance of every person involved in a tour than our guest for today’s episode. Having worn every hat that you can possibly wear on the road, from tour management to catering, Candice Rukes of Rukes Entertainment is a force to be reckoned with in this industry—a male-dominated one at that!  Here, Candice takes us across her journey in the music industry, giving us a sneak peek
  What could be a better life than being surrounded by love and music? Tara Joseph’s guest for this episode, Stefanie Fair (AKA Stefanie Ridel), has them both, and she is going to share with us her life’s journey that brought her into the world of music and meeting the love of her life. Stefanie is the epitome of the title ‘superwoman’—from actress to popstar, to songwriter, producer, wife, and mother—she talks to us about each
  People working behind-the-scenes in any creative industry don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Take talent agents, for example. Talent agents help keep the ship that is your favorite artist’s career running and consequently, growing. This is the life of Noël Largess of the United Talent Agency. As a cellist herself, Noël understands what life is like for the artist, and that translates into her work as an agent. Noël shares her experiences making tough calls
  With all that’s happening in the world, the need for the music business to step up and bring people together has come to the forefront more than ever before. Music Manager, Tavia Osbey, brings this message home as she engages in an inspiring conversation with Tara Joseph. Tavia brings her creativity to the business side of the music industry, managing incredible talent out of New Orleans, including the Grammy-nominated band, Tank and the Bangas. Whether it’s
  In this episode, Tara Joseph is joined by Penka Kouneva, a groundbreaking artist, composer, mentor, and passionate advocate for the advancement of female composers. Here, Penka shares the importance of her relationships across her career journey, even as she moved from Bulgaria to LA. She talks about the opportunities that opened up for her and the ways that people in her life contributed to those. Furthermore, with the COVID-19 pandemic right in front of us,
  Film scoring is a very human art form. More than what we see in a film, the music behind it carries and heightens the very diverse emotions we feel. Taking us into the world of scores, Tara Joseph interviews the fabulous, Ronit Kirchman. Ronit is a composer, music producer, songwriter, singer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist, who is best known for her innovative, genre-bending score for the acclaimed Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated anthology series, The Sinner.

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