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  Not everyone gets a break in the music industry at just a young age, but Emanne Beasha is one unique kid. Her music career started when she won Arabs Got Talent and placed 9th in America’s Got Talent. And finally, in 2019, she signed a worldwide publishing deal with Sony/ATV. Emanne joins Tara Joseph in discussing her music lessons and how she takes care of her still-developing vocal cords. She also tells some interesting stories
FLM Lynn | Performing On Small Screens
  Tara Joseph sits down today with top A&R Executive, Lynn Lendway.  Lynn explains what it takes to achieve success within the industry and how 2020 made us all find ways of creating interesting and innovative opportunities to try and achieve new goals during such a challenging year. She also looks back on how she entered the music industry, as well as her experiences as a tour manager and TV producer. — Listen to the podcast
  How much music can one mind hold? Having created over 2,000 orchestral and big band arrangements for some of the biggest names in the music industry, Chris Walden is such a prolific composer that it must be his heart that’s handling most of the notes. Chris’s humongous talent and intense love for music took him away from his native Germany and brought him to Hollywood, where his career blossomed. Nominated for 7 Grammys, Chris joins Tara
FLM Reinhold | Reinhold Heil
  Learning everything by himself through improvising and listening to the pop music of his time, Reinhold Heil always had the vision of being in the studio with other musicians making music, being on stage, and playing for thousands of people. Years later, that vision became a complete reality. Reinhold is a German-born musician and Golden Globe-nominated film and television composer based in Los Angeles. On today’s podcast, he sits down with Tara Joseph to talk about
  Emily Bear knows the value of hard work and perseverance in creating a name for herself in the music industry. Having composed and performed music since she was 3 years old, Emily has become a world-renowned classical and jazz pianist, film and TV composer and singer-songwriter who has bagged a string of incredible awards even before the age of 20. Refusing to be stereotyped as a “child prodigy,” Emily consistently creates incredible music and takes
  When love and music collide, it all makes sense. In this episode, Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum joins Tara Joseph as they talk about finding a love who speaks the same language as you and working and living together. Nora is a Grammy Award-winning composer. Today, she shares her musical process and the joy of working and living with her wife who’s also a composer. Get to know some of the projects Nora has worked on and
FLM Walter | Unique Sonic Worlds
  If you’ve ever played video games like Call of Duty: Mobile with your speakers or headphones on mute, you would understand how much of a difference the score makes in your gaming experience. Whether you enjoy consuming films, TV shows or video games, someone behind the scene worked hard to create that unique sonic world for you. That is what Austrian-born composer, Walter Mair does and he excels at it. Working from London, Walter is an
    Breaking new musical acts involves a lot of hard work and orchestrating a global marketing campaign is key. Senior music executive Dion Singer did not think he would be doing this highly demanding job when he was a young boy growing up in South Africa during Apartheid. He only knew that he was passionate about his love for music. He stuck to that passion, and one thing led to another, and before long, found himself
  The composing process is an art that encompasses so much skill and so much talent.  Tara Joseph is joined on the show today by Halli Cauthery, an Emmy-nominated film and TV composer. He talks about how he creates his masterpieces and describes the process and the work that goes into it. He also introduces us to one of his latest works, Future Man, an original series for Hulu, co-created by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg
  Managing artists is all about understanding talent, taking some care, and helping them have a career rather than making some money quickly and moving on to the next one. Record company executive Bob Brimson was managing successful Brit pop bands for a little label that got bought by BMG and folded into Arista. Today, he shares his knowledge on touring, how to save a buck while touring, and how to guide young artists, and
  Tara Joseph sits down with award-winning LA based composer, Alexander Bornstein, to talk about his creative processes and projects. He takes us behind the scenes of scoring the upcoming Netflix Original Animated Series, ‘Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Siege,’ as well as his previous works with Ray Donovan, Doug Liman, and more. Pointing to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are all experiencing, Alexander then shares how he is adapting and adjusting in his work.
  With age come wisdom and sometimes, an almost infinite capacity for kindness towards other people. Having a career as a broadcaster for over two decades has shaped how renowned UK TV and radio presenter, writer and podcaster, Kate Thornton sees the world around her. Sitting down with Tara Joseph for a chat, she shares the lessons she has learned from her stellar career in print and broadcast journalism, her successful forays into podcasting and jewelry design,

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