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  Music can play an important part in love and relationships, and one basically affects the other. Having spent many years behind the scenes as an agent and manager representing some fabulous artists, Tara Joseph now finds herself hosting a podcast called For Love And Music. In this intro episode, Tara talks about how she got into the music industry and explains why she named her podcast as such. She also shares the two reasons
    When watching our favorite films or TV series, we tend to take for granted that much of the experience we get comes as much from the musical score as from the pictures themselves. Tara Joseph is joined by Icelandic-born composer, songwriter and electronic musician, Herdís Stefánsdóttir in this episode. Herdis has scored two feature films, is currently working on a big project for HBO, as well as a number of short films. Herdís shares the
LLL Andrew | Music For New Media
    Composing music for video games and movies involves having an exceptional talent and being 100% driven.  Andrew Prahlow has fast become a star in the world of composing music for video games, trailers, and films. In today’s episode, Tara Joseph chats to Andrew about the process of composing and creating music for all types of media.  Andrew explains what it means to be a composer in the highly competitive world today whilst always looking
  They say the greatest marriages are built on teamwork. On today’s show, Tara Joseph is joined by one of the music industry’s most talented husband-and-wife teams – double-Grammy nominee and Concord recording artist, Monica Mancini, and three-time Grammy winner, five-time Latin Grammy winner, and with an Emmy to his name as well, Gregg Field.  Monica and Gregg share how they met, how they work together and how they collaborate whilst always ensuring they have fun along
LLL Kathleen | Music And Management
  The music industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the business world. In this episode, Kathleen Alder, the Founder and MD of WildKat, shares how and why she started her own company and sheds some light on what PR and marketing in the music industry are all about. Kathleen is a real female powerhouse running a global PR and marketing business and a fantastic mom at the same time. With a passion
LLL Jonathan | Going The Distance
  In today’s episode, Tara talks to the young, super-talented tenor, Jonathan Antoine.  Jonathan shares with us his journey to success – from overcoming bullying to creating his three-act album called Going The Distance. As a singer who has been through so many challenges, Jonathan also shares some tips on how singers can look after their voices and how to be better understood by others through communication. — Listen to the podcast here: Going The Distance
LLL 11 | Trans Chorus Of LA
  Music is a universal language that puts us together no matter who, where, and what we are. In this episode, Artistic Director Abdullah Hall and Executive Director from the Trans Chorus of LA, Kathryn Davis, share their vision in helping to change the world through music. Specifically giving voice to the trans community, they talk about the kind of impact they are making along with the power of music as the greatest unifier. Abdullah
LLL Keyte | UTA Music Agent
  Agencies generally rule the music industry with music agents as the front liners. Today, Tara Joseph interviews top music agent at United Talent Agency (UTA), Heulwen Keyte. She explains to us the process of becoming an agent, what one does, and what its differences are to being a manager. As with any profession, relationships are key to growth and success. Heulwen notes that in making new clients and building relationships, networking and socializing are paramount. As a
LLL 4 | Becoming A Music Lawyer
  The music business is still a male-dominated industry, but women like Alexi Cory-Smith have proven to everyone that women can be successful in it as well. Alexi is a music industry entrepreneur who aims at taking control of her own business and doing something unique with music while also traveling extensively. In this interesting episode, she talks about her journey towards becoming a music lawyer and music publisher and highlights some of the key
LLL Krystalan | Music And Photography
  It is one thing to pursue your passions, but to find another one along the way is truly something. As global music executive who has developed a love and passion for photography while traveling across the world, Krystalan is someone who many would say is taking her artistic eye to new creative heights. In this episode, Krystalan lets us in on her life in the music industry—from her own share of highs to the challenges she
LLL 3 | Making Extraordinary Music
  What triggers the mind of a brilliant artist to make music that is eerie, celestial and exquisite? For today’s episode, we interview the fabulously talented Elena Charbila, aka Kid Moxie. Elena is a musician and actress based in Los Angeles and Greece. She talks about making extraordinary music, her own kind of music, that encompasses cinematic experiences and the different cultures and personas that influenced her art. She also takes us back to the
LLL Dayvid | Indie Music Landscape
  Our guest is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter from San Diego. Having been writing for major artists since the age of seventeen, he has now started to gain momentum and success as a solo artist. He’s working with some top producers and is embracing what it truly means to be an Indie Artist. With a hot single, “Wasted Luv” out now and his debut EP “DAYVID” being received enthusiastically by critics and listeners around the world,

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